Support Indie Authors

It’s always been a goal of mine, ever since I decided to self-publish, to help other indie authors in any capacity I could, even if it’s only a simple retweet or reblog or share or +1. Anything to get the word out there. Well, Support Indie Authors is my way of helping out the community.

If you are an indie author with news to disseminate – i.e. a new book release, cover reveal, interview, guest post, spotlight, etc. – please use the contact form below to lemme know what if you’re interested. No need to gather everything just yet – we can get a dialogue going about your work first.

I also accept review requests for self-published books. My only policy is I don’t bullshit. If I don’t like the book, I won’t give a negative review – as a member of this community, I feel there’s nothing productive to come of a bad review from one indie to another; I will, however, briefly explain why I won’t review the book.

Genres I accept: romance, erotica, LGBTQ+, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, thriller, young adult (mature), new adult, contemporary. Honestly? The darker, the better.

If I accept your request, please be able to provide a PDF or mobi file of your book.

Please understand that I am unlikely to put anything together if we haven’t worked together before. Consider requesting a review first, and we can go from there.



support indie authors