Times, They’re a-Changin’

times are changingWell, while I still can’t seem to actually keep up with my feed via the reader, at least I have a valid excuse this time around. 2016 pretty much snuck up on me from outta nowhere, and, I tell you, there’s maybe a handful of people who are more grateful than I am that 2015 is over and done with.

Simply put, 2015 can go fuck itself. ^_^

I learned a lot about myself, about who I surround myself with, about what I wanna do and how to get it done – among a bunch of other stuff – but it was, frankly, a fucking terrible year. So, yeah, come midnight on New Year’s, I was as grateful as they come.

With the new year came the time crunch to get outta dodge. Y’all are prolly sick to death of hearing about my transition out of the Army, but this is it. It’s come to a head. I have less than a week left in Oklahoma.

I’ll be spending the slim remainder of my military career back home in Houston, returning to my center and preparing for my next endeavor – university. For real, this time.

I have a swarm of ideas for what I’ll do with my time while situating myself to civilian life for the first time in 6 years, but I’ll save that shitshow for another time. ;]

I hope everyone else’s 2016 is shaping up to be as hopeful, healthy and wholesome as mine already is.

All the best.

S. R. Carrillo


7 comments on “Times, They’re a-Changin’

  1. Glad to hear things are moving forward and on the up. Here’s hoping 2016 shits all over last year ;)


  2. Jay Dee says:

    Sooooo, whatcha gonna study? :) I may have an idea about what you want to study, but is it what you are going to study?

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  3. […] 3. Third place is also an unchanging one this month. It’s the always amazing S. R. Carrillo with 42 comments! It looks like 2016 is a big year for her, just as it is for me. We both have lots of changes. Find out about hers in Times, They’re a-Changin’. […]

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