October 2015 Wrap-Up

Can you believe it? It’s November already?! I feel like the first, like, half of the year dragged ass, and halfway through summer, time just plunged right into the deep end. Before we know it, it’s gonna be 2016.

Well, before we can look back on the year, we gotta look back on this month, so here’s what my October looked like. Be warned, it apparently was the month of movies and TV for me.


5 stars – You by Caroline Kepnes

4.5 stars – Loveless, Vol. 12 by Yun Kouga

4 stars – 1Q84 by Harki Murakami, Bleach, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 by Tite Kubo, Soul Eater, Vol. 4 and Vol. 5 by Astushi Ohkubo, Black Butler, Vol. 4 by Yana Toboso

3.5 stars – Citrus, Vol. 1 by Saburo Uta

2 stars – Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

DNF – Theif’s Magic by Trudi Canavan


September Wrap Up + October Current | 2015 – Reviews on the books I read in September!

Creatures of the Night | Tag – Fun book tag I used to highlight some lesser-known books I’ve read and loved.

NaNoWriMo (+ News!) – Pretty self-explanatory. ;]



#UnnamedNovella – This is my NaNoWriMo novel this year. I really just need to finish the damned thing haha.

TV & Movies

Hemlock Grove (2013-2015) – It’s over! Ahhh! I’m not gonna lie, the first season was my favorite, but seasons 2 and 3 were total opposites in terms of enjoyment. Season 2 let me down on a lot of different levels. Season 3 got back to a lot of the things that I loved about season 1, but I was still left wanting something more. However, everything that I got otherwise was really cool, nicely dark and coolly wrapped up.

Exeter (2015) – I mostly put this “partygoers get trapped in a scary scenario” movie on as background noise, but it ended up being pretty interesting – though, more towards the end. The first third was laughable, which it was meant to be, and the resolution surprised me on some level, not gonna lie. Won’t be re-watching, though; I can say that much.

Free Fall (2013) – THIS FUCKING MOVIE. RUINED ME. FOR. LIFEEEE. IT WAS SOOOO GOOOOODDDD. I’ve watched it three times, and I always wanna watch it again, but the end breaks my fragile heart, so I can never make it all the way through. THERE NEEDS TO BE A SEQUEL. SOMEONE GET ME A SEQUEL TO THIS MOVIE. Oh, it’s a gay romance set in Germany, by the way.

A Marine Story (2010) – A recently discharged Marine officer returns home and gets recruited to help a troublemaker get ready for boot camp. Better than I expected, but, as someone who’s Active Duty, it all seemed like a weird mix of stereotype and something a little more true-to-life. Mostly stereotype, though. Although, I’ll say I was expecting a gay romance, and there was one in the backstory, but it was not the focus of the narrative.

The Fourth Kind (2009) – A re-watch. Alien abduction story presented as a film “based on true events” (but is a total lie – c’mon, you can tell before you even know that it’s a gimmick). Anyway, the story line is dark but jumbled, confused and largely disconnected in terms of the rationality of events.

The Awakening (2011) – THIS MOVIE WAS SO GOOD. OMG. It was subtle and sad and creepy and cool and all kinds of awesome. I wanna watch it again, actually! WATCH THIS. It’s about a woman who’s known to unearth supernatural hoaxes and is hired to investigate an all boys’ school that is reportedly haunted. IT’S SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT, THOUGH. TRUST ME. IT’S AMAZING.

Side Effects (2013) – A doctor gets embroiled in a virtually unprovable scandal. As someone who takes lots of meds, I was really interested in the first third of this movie. Then something stupid happened, but it makes sense later. When the mystery starts unraveling, that’s when the payoff really starts to shine through. Great film.

Nightcrawler (2014) – Crazy dude starts capturing crimes for news footage. I found this pretty disgusting but in a really good way. I was sucked in even as I was revolted.

The Lazarus Effect (2015) – A group of medical students discover a way to bring dead patients back to life. And then all fucking hell breaks loose. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would, but it seemed a little hodge-podge. There’s a sprinkle of supernatural horror, religious horror, creature horror, mental illness horror, psychic horror and the ever-prevalent jump scare. Not gonna lie, though, would re-watch.

The Loft (2014) – A group of five friends purchase a loft where they carry out their extramarital affairs. This is a remake of a foreign film, I believe, which I have never seen, so I liked this one on its own merit. Starts off slow and has a few false climaxes, but I liked that part of it, and the mystery had lots of layers that I enjoyed watching peel back. Onion-style!

American Horror Story: Freakshow (2011-2015) – Not gonna lie, kinda disappointed with this one! Was very slow and delivered very little. The beginning was really good, and the end was really good, but everything in the middle just seemed like a whole lotta nothin’. Hope Hotel is better.

Jane the Virgin (2014-) – Couldn’t get one episode past this. Not my cuppa, I tell ya. Loved the Latin@s, but I couldn’t make it through the storyline, dialogue and ridiculousness of the overall plot. Count me out.

The Walking Dead, Season 5 (2010-2015) – That one zombie show. You know. I LOVEDDDD ITTTTT. So much better than season 4. No idea where season 6 is gonna go, but lemme just say, I know it’ll never be canon, but I SHIP MICHONNE AND RICK. NNK? THERE. I SAID IT. (sad face)



No. Still.

How did your October go?



5 comments on “October 2015 Wrap-Up

  1. Caroline S. says:

    I love Fixer Upper!! (And am always singing the song from Frozen for the rest of the day). Also I kind of ship Michonne and Rick too so don’t worry. Michonne is just my favorite though, she’s so awesome and deep and cool! Still making my way through Freakshow, not thrilled with it. Just finished iZombie though and I kind of loved it.


    • I may or may not have marathoned and then re-watched the entire first season of Fixer Upper on Netflix. XD

      Yeah, Michonne is pretty much the bee’s knees. I didn’t like her that much until we got more of her backstory in seasons 4 and 5. I will go down with the Rickonne crackship hahah.

      I’ve been giving thought to what TV show to start next. I’m thinking How to Get Away with Murder or Scandal. Have you seen either of those?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m totally with you. I swear there was some sort of conspiracy to bypass August-October this year.


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