How do you keep up?

wordsmiff-tryandkeepupWhen I first started subscribing to YouTubers, I would have all notifications emailed to me. It’s ritual for me to check my email, so whenever a new video was uploaded, I could click it, the link would open YouTube and I would watch to my heart’s content.

A couple months ago, I learned you can watch YouTube from select gamesystems and started to do that, instead. It eliminated the need to check my email for new videos.

Well, I kinda got hospitalized for a month due to shitty health reasons and, when I returned, came back to a fuckton of emails. Not cool.

So, now, I watch videos via subscription – or as they come out.

For blogs, I’ve followed much of the same routine. The WordPress app and I have been close for a long while, but I only ever found it useful in cases of drafting posts on the fly and responding to comments and replies.

Lately, though, I’ve been shying away from email notifications and leaning more towards using the reader – as posts come out.

Which the app makes really easy (it’s gotten much better in recent months).

And it makes me wonder how everyone else keeps up with the blogs they like to follow. Do you click through emails or peruse your reader feed? Or is there some mysterious alternate method I’ve never heard of? haha.

S. R. Carrillo


14 comments on “How do you keep up?

  1. Rachel says:

    I use the reader. I find it easier. I usually only check blogs early in the day or at night. If I was at work and got a few emails of posts, I wouldn’t be able to read them. The emails just get deleted anyway. So reader it is.
    I have the YouTube app on my phone. So whenever that goes off I turn on my Wii U and watch the videos from there, lol.


    • I find it’s easier for YouTube, but for WordPress, I’m at a loss. It was easier for me to click and read the emails because then I knew which posts I still had to read and which I didn’t. Now, I’m relegated to simply scrolling until I see the oldest bunch of posts I don’t remember. And I have a lousy memory, so that’s difficult, too hahah.


  2. I just use the Reader. That way when I have a few spare minutes here and there throughout the day I can check a quick post or two, rather than feel I’m playing catch up with a huge backlog all the time :)


  3. Caroline S. says:

    I’m a reader feed as well. I hate having my inbox flooded! And I have a habit of checking WordPress every morning – it’s probably more suitable now that I’m not doing it at work. . .


    • I guess I should make it more of a habit. I check the app just about everyday, but I don’t check the reader. It would make it so much easier – right now, I’m so behind it’s not even funny. Todayw as my catch-up day. >.<

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  4. Yeah, I just go through the Reader whenever I feel it’s a good time to check my backlog of posts. I hate having a cluttered mailbox, and constant notifications annoy me — it feels like being nagged. Scrolling through a feed is much more comfortable.


    • Backlog is right. I disliked the crowding of my inbox, too, but I feel like, at least then, I had an idea of how backlogged I was. Now, I just confusedly scroll through the feeder until I hit the last post I remember. I can’t bring myself to go in newest to oldest order. I don’t know why. O_O


  5. D.T. Nova says:

    The reader. I always check it anyway, so getting email notifications too would just be redundant.


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