Publication Qualms

bad book I’m no stranger to insecurity. I’ve learned to get a real hold of it – especially within the last year or so – but when you’re as anxious as I can be, it manages to sneak in sometimes, regardless of how confident I may be in my prowess.

There are a lot of things wrong with my debut novel, The Soul. I know that. It’s not perfect. But it’s out there; it’s published. It’s out of the way.

My second novel, the sequel, Procession of Eternity, is pretty much dope as fuck. But my PR agent/financial adviser/best friend Bobbi has noticed that for series, making the first book super cheap or free works well in a marketing scheme.

It’s made me think: should I do that for The Soul?

It didn’t take me long to realize: hell yeah, I should! Except…

Free books invite a lot of criticism. Acknowledging the flaws of my debut novel doesn’t spare it a good, thorough roasting. And if people read and hate the first book, most won’t even move on to the next book, no matter how dope it may be.

Some have read and loved it and even moved on to the second book, though.

But do I let the glaring errors stand or take my book off the market for the second time while I revise?

Because if I’m gonna make it more accessible to the world, I want it to be in peak condition at least… right?

Questions I will ponder further but, in the meantime, I am still doing preliminary edits.

Because! Format!

The design format is getting a slicker, more professional overhaul (okay, and the writing is getting a mini-makeover). It’s one aspect I left untouched since its first publication. I’m excited to get this one in the bag. :D

Writers, readers, friends – thoughts?

S. R. Carrillo



10 comments on “Publication Qualms

  1. “Some have read and loved it and even moved on to the second book, though.” – Hi ;)

    It’s a tough call, and one I’m sure lots of writers struggle with. There’s an argument for wanting to make something as good as it can be but also an argument for leaving things as they are, so we don’t get drawn into constantly revising and never really being ‘done’.

    I realise I haven’t helped in the slightest here :P

    I guess I’m just saying it’s always a personal judgment call. Whatever you choose, best of luck! :)


  2. Rachel says:

    I bought The Soul… I haven’t read it… But I bought it… It’s on my list to be read soon, I promise! ;)
    I feel like no matter how many times you look at it there will always be something “wrong” with it. I think that’s just how we are with our “babies.” We want them to be the best they can be and do whatever we can to improve it. Since yours has already left the nest, maybe you should leave it as it is. Then again, I don’t know exactly what you want to change from the book. Plus, I’ve never published anything so I may or may not be helping at all.
    My question is the actual story changing at all? If so then I’ll hold off on reading it for a little while longer. But as long as the story is more or less the same, I’ll probably read it soon.
    Good luck with whatever you decide!


    • No rush to read! Promise ^_^

      I think you’re definitely right about always finding something wrong with it. As I grow in my skills, I want all my books to have grown with me, but I guess every creator feels that way at some point. Especially since there are literally only tiny changes I’ve been obsessing over. No one would likely be the wiser if I made the new changes now haha.



  3. Jay Dee says:

    I’d be worried about revising too much. I’ve already done that with part 1 of Journey to Ariadne. But it needed it, anyway. And the first one is always the really special one, right? And it’s usually the most amateur-looking, isn’t it? I believe when Michael J. Sullivan published his original Riyria books himself, he didn’t anticipate being traditionally published. But Orbit picked his books up, and I think they used an editor to…uh, edit. Maybe it’s a better product now.

    But I think that if you’re trying to reformat, then why not fix any mistakes? It makes sense to do that, I think.


    • That’s a very good point. I’m lucky (or deluded) enough that my books don’t need huge alterations – just little stuff. My one worry is reaching that point where I stop making things better and instead just make them different. One thing’s for sure – it will definitely show how far I’ve come since I began! hahah.

      Nice to see you ’round these parts, by the way. Most of our conversations are on your blog – you post all the interesting stuff haha.


  4. I’m having the same issues with one of mine. I say leave it out there until you’ve made the changes, and then release a second edition. That’s what I intend to do. That’s my ‘two penneth’ worth anyway! :-D


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