Procession of Eternity is Out Now!

HELL YEAH FUCKIN’ RIGHT. TODAY IS THE DAY AND IT ALMOST SLIPPED RIGHT PAST ME. I swear, April was dragging for the longest and now, all of a sudden, it’s May! Which means a lot of things to me for a lot of different reasons, my favorite of which is my second novel is officially available for purchase.

On the fence about it? Here are some things that’ve been said about it so far!

“did exactly what a sequel is supposed to do, by taking what was strong about the first book and building on it”

“incredibly unique and engaging”

“hard to put down”

This is such a dream come true for me – the expansion of a world I was certain was too weird, too dark, too offbeat to find others who’d fall in love with it as much as I have. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it…

* * * * *

Procession of Eternity: Book Two

Procession of Eternity by S. R. CarrilloAmazon Goodreads Barnes & Noble Direct

The Last Angel Ero’s entire existence has hinged on a single moment—his ability to find and Raise the nero of artifice Sol into the ranks of espel that call Narayan home. It’s his only purpose in life. His only reason for being.

He never considered what he might do should he fail.

Sol is no stranger to being left to his own devices. He managed it for years before Ero ever showed up with promises to rid him of his birthright, the evil that makes him eat through already-destroyed cities, heartbeat by heartbeat. He has no problem taking care of himself.

Ero just does it better. So they stick together. He thinks it will be this way forever.

Until the change that’s supposed to happen… doesn’t.

Trapped between a newfound emptiness and Sol’s tireless influence, Ero finds himself relying on the physicality of Lesser Earth more and more with each day. It’s taxing, and it’s confusing, but most of all, it’s damning.

If a nero can Rise, an espel can Fall.


21 comments on “Procession of Eternity is Out Now!

  1. YES! I’m so excited to read the finalised version and visit this world again. Congrats, Sierra! :)

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  2. Congratulations. Let the fun commence!


  3. blondeusk says:

    Yea!! Well done 💪

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  4. Rachel says:

    Congrats on the release! I’m behind now… I bought the first book, but still haven’t read it, yet. I’ll get there, I promise!


  5. Congratulations! Those are some great reviews too! All the best! :D <3


  6. […] 3. Coming in third place is our old regular first place commenter, S. R. Carrillo! She’s just barely out of second place with 58 comments. Her latest post is…holy crap! Her second novel is out! It’s an official announcement. Congrats! Procession of Eternity is Out Now! […]


  7. raulconde001 says:

    Congratulations! :)

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