New Release: Seeking Solace by Callum McLaughlin

I’m incredibly excited to announce (a little belatedly, but whatevs!) the release of Callum McLaughlin’s first ever poetry collection – the first of many, I can only hope. I’ve already read, reviewed and loved his debut novel, The Vessel, while his second, False Awakening, sits patiently in my ever-growing TBR.

Seeking Solace

Seeking Solace by Callum McLuaghlinSeeking Solace is a collection of sixty poems that span a variety of topics and touch on universal aspects of modern life, from nature and war to friendship, love and grief, with many others in between.

From the very air we breathe to the wholly make-believe, regardless of whether inspiration has come from the world around us or the most whimsical of dreams, the one common thread that unites them all is a desire to create poetry that is both approachable and relatable.

Available at: Amazon US, Amazon UK and Goodreads.

Even if Callum weren’t one of my favorite bloggers and writers, I would’ve picked up this heartfelt collection all on my own. He’s one of the more avid poets I’ve ever known, releasing them often faster than I can read them, and although I’m not much of a poetry guy myself, I’m more than excited to dive into Seeking Solace. I have no expectations, so I’m the perfect audience for it. :]

Not sure if it’ll be your thing? Allow this nummy snippet to change your mind.


Taken from “Grand Cosmos”

Callum McLaughlin

Callum McLaughlin author of The VesselBorn and raised in the Scottish countryside, Callum McLaughlin works as a freelance content writer and in November 2013, published his first book, The Vessel. His next release came in October 2014 with False Awakening.

Outside of fiction, he is also a keen poet and released his first collection in 2015.

A lover of all things literature, music and nature, he takes his biggest inspiration from the world around us.

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4 comments on “New Release: Seeking Solace by Callum McLaughlin

  1. You’re awesome! Thanks for this :)


  2. I’m so excited about this! Can’t wait to read it :)


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