I miss the blog

But I literally have nothing of value to add here as yet. I have been doing nothin’ except

  • workin’ (my ass off)
  • writin’ (revising Reimburse Me, actually! Twitter followers may’ve noticed)
  • hurtin’ (health issues for the win)
  • readin’ (1Q84, I will defeat and devour you)
  • veggin’ right the fuck outta town (on my rare downtime)
  • updatin’ my brand (-_-)
  • preppin’ Procession of Eternity: Book Two for human consumption
  • gettin’/bein’ sick (flu- and strep-like symptoms?)

So, while my life hasn’t exactly been rant-or-rave-worthy, it has been busy, and I stop by the blog everyday wonderin’ about it and y’all readin’ and everything between. :]

So far, 2015 has been… not bad. Not bad at all. *knocks on wood* Here’s to one fistful of hope and another braced for impact.

Take care.


Note: Wrote this blog post on the new editor – first time doing so. Thought I’d hate it (I’m kinda hugely averse to change), but I kinda don’t. :]


5 comments on “I miss the blog

  1. tiffanytcole says:

    I hope you feel better and that it’s nothing too serious. I hate being sick, especially when I’m busy. I like to work, work, work without being interrupted by sickness. As soon as I read this post, I checked my e-mails and found this helpful article: http://www.weebly.com/inspiration/brand-personality

    Since you’re an author and you yourself are your brand, figuring out some of the stuff in that article should be a tad easier. I’m also working on my brand. Finding logos, getting ready to restart the platforms I care most about after putting together a feasible strategy and brand personality guide. This is the year of doing scary things. I haven’t made it official on FB because I don’t want my family to freak out, but, after this Sunday, I will be a full-time freelancer again with only a small bit of income coming in from editing the school newspaper. I’ve been busy, happy, and terrified lol.


    • I’m happy for you, Tiffany. You always have such grand plans and seem to always make them happen no matter what. Don’t let it pressure you or anything, but you were one of my first real-life inspirations to get off my ass and get going making my dreams come true. :]


  2. I really hope you feel better soon! Been worried at your quiet, but it’s good to hear you’ve been busy (not that I’m selfishly waiting for your book release or anything… :D ).

    Make sure to take some time for yourself to keep well :)


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