Cover (and Synopsis) Reveal for PROCESSION OF ETERNITY

Okay, I promise this is the last one for a while. It’s just that, I’m shit at setting goals, but when I do, I wanna get started on reaching them right away. (Plus, I’m still on vacation until next week, and there really isn’t a whole lot goin’ on otherwise – unless you count reading and decorating the house.) Movin’ on!


Series: The Soul (#2)
Release: May 2015
Genre: LGBTQ, Dark Fantasy, Futuristic

The Last Angel Ero’s entire existence has hinged on a single moment—his ability to find and Raise the nero of artifice Sol into the ranks of espel that call Narayan home. It’s his only purpose in life. His only reason for being.

He never considered what he might do should he fail.

Sol is no stranger to being left to his own devices. He managed it for years before Ero ever showed up with promises to rid him of his birthright, the evil that makes him eat through already-destroyed cities, heartbeat by heartbeat. He has no problem taking care of himself.

Ero just does it better. So they stick together. He thinks it will be this way forever.

Until the change that’s supposed to happen… doesn’t.

Trapped between a newfound emptiness and Sol’s tireless influence, Ero finds himself relying on the physicality of Lesser Earth more and more with each day. It’s taxing, and it’s confusing, but most of all, it’s damning.

If a nero can Rise, an espel can Fall.

Procession of Eternity by S. R. Carrillo



S. R. Carrillo is the pen name of U.S. Army Sergeant Sierra R. Collett.

Born and raised in the leafy suburbs outside Houston, Texas, she’s young, married and has been writing ever since she’s been able. As a multiracial, nonbinary, whocaressexual, she tends to explore different aspects of human (and nonhuman) sexuality and identity in her work.

She’s used to being referred to as “she” for simplicity’s sake—since, technically, she’s both and neither. She considers it an honor.

The Soul is her first novel. Procession of Eternity is her second. They are both part of the dark fantasy LGBTQ Soul series.


Official site • YouTube • Twitter • Goodreads • Facebook • Tumblr


14 comments on “Cover (and Synopsis) Reveal for PROCESSION OF ETERNITY

  1. tiffanytcole says:

    This is a very beautiful information page about your book! I also love your cover art both for this book and the first one. How did you create the art?


  2. Rachel says:

    I love the cover! It’s so similar to the first book, but it really stands out at the same time. I mean, the first book has “hot” colors while the second book has “cool” colors. I don’t know if that was your intention, but that’s what stood out to me. :)

    I love the synopsis, by the way. I have to read The Soul soon so I’m able to get this book when it comes out.


  3. The cover is perfect in its simplicity. You nailed it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this cover, just like I loved the first one. First there’s the hint of burning forests, now there’s the hint of frozen mountains. They’re pieces of art in their own right and I think they’ve captured the grandiose nature of the synopsis. ‘The Soul’ has been sitting in my Kindle, waiting for me to work my way to it, and now that I know there’s the second book coming in May, I want to hurry up and read it before the next one comes out. Goal achieved? XD


  5. I love the cover! Especially how it ties in with the first. I’m going to start beta-reading it today :) (Sorry I am getting to it so late, December was pretty manic!)


  6. […] 1. The top commenter is, no surprise, S. R. Carrillo with 83.  That’s a big increase! Her latest post is all about her upcoming book, Cover (and Synopsis) Reveal for PROCESSION OF ETERNITY. […]


  7. Hi Sierra! I’m very intrigued by your books. You grabbed me with the first sentence of your blurb. I too write dark fantasy about angels. :D

    Liked by 1 person

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