procession-placeholder-3I don’t know what it was about publishing my debut novel that made me stagnate (after spending countless hours seeking out reviewers for it, that is), but ahhhh it’s been too long since I’ve had or hit a publication goal. That’s gonna change because I finally decided on a release date for the sequel to The SoulProcession of Eternity.

Remember that list from The Next Step? It’s had a few more cross-offs since then.

  • Write it
  • Edit it
  • Re-write it
  • Revise it
  • Cover it (I can’t wait to reveal this for y’all!)
  • Beta it
  • Synopsis it
  • Schedule release date for it
  • Revise it (again)
  • Copyedit/Proofread it
  • Format it (somehow forgot this last time)
  • Market it
  • Publish it (omg wut)
  • Market it more (why life)

There are some reservations, though – beta feedback is incomplete (thanks to those who have given it – no pressure to those who haven’t) and the synopsis is in its draft stages (but, hey, it’s still synopsis’d).

However, it still brings me to: the release date.

Which is…

May 2015.

I’m gonna start a little preemptive revision tonight based off the feedback I’ve received so far. At what stage in your writing are you?


17 comments on “Release Date for PROCESSION OF ETERNITY

  1. Rachel says:

    Congrats on the release date! I’ve yet to read The Soul, l’m sorry to say. It’s on my TBR list, though. It’s sounds like you have a solid plan. Good luck!


    • It’s all good – believe me, I know the struggle of having a daunting TBR (mine numbers about 2,000).

      I’m really shitty about not setting goals, but when I do, I achieve them, so I have high hopes for this, as well.

      Thanks for the luck!

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  2. The Chaos Realm says:

    Revise/edits. Gotta find someone to do final edits as well, because even though I’m excellent at my job, I just don’t see mistakes in my own work *laugh*


    • Ugh, I’m the same way. I had to revise The Soul like three different times after it was published because every few times I looked over it, I’d find a knot of mistakes that I should’ve caught before, but you know there’s only so much one person can do on their own…


  3. Awesome news!

    I’m in the process of filtering trough poems to start picking out what to include in a collection. It’s like choosing favourite children…


    • Hahhaah! How many are you thinkin’ will be in the collection? I know you have a lot of poems…


      • I’m thinking 60 at the moment but I’ve been back and forth so we’ll see!


        • Holy guacamole, 60 poems! I think I’ve maybe written 6 my whole life!

          (Exaggerating, of course, I used to write poems all the time. Not so much in recent years, though… dunno why…)

          (Why do I keep commenting parenthetically? O.O)


          • I didn’t realise how many I’d written until I started looking back. It seems I really am better at writing things down rather than saying them… Not doing wonders for debunking writer stereotypes here ;)


            • Oh, my God, I can’t even begin to articulate how accurate that statements holds for me. I can be like the most eloquent motherfucker when I’m writing something, but the minute I open my mouth, all intellect just flees my conscience and I sit there cursing and uuuuhhhhmm-ing through my point. D:

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              • Glad it’s not just me. I can spend months working on something and pouring my soul into it, but if someone so much as asks me what it’s about I clam up and sound like I’ve never even read the damn thing let alone written it.


                • Hahah that’s why I usually go with the simple, sarcastic approach. In this case, “It’s about a gay angel.” It’s my way of owning it because, secretly, inside, I’m cowering – and sweating – at the thought of opening up about something I’ve written to someone else.

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  4. blondeusk says:

    Am at the rewriting stage – nobody told me that the rewriting stage could be so much fun!


  5. It’s the next on my list…sorry I’m behind everybody else. As a fan of the first book, I’m thrilled there is a date in sight…I want to get my hands on that sequel!


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