The future of the Soul series

The birth of The Soul series 045

As stated a few weeks ago, I’ve gotten to that point in my career where it’s time to start thinking about what my next step should be, and, while I’ve got that part down-packed, it got me thinking about my next next step.

I originally had the idea to publish The Soul: Book One, publish Reimburse Me, publish Procession of Eternity: Book Two, publish Pride, publish In Silence and Energy: Book Three, etc. Build a little more of my platform each time, spread my reach out further, get some feelers out there…

Well, those plans got derailed when I realized I had some revision to do to Reimburse Me and then my co-author for Pride got caught up with college graduation stuffs (send positive thoughts her way – she’s gonna need it!) and then my other projects are nowhere near ready for publication, either.

So, that brings me to what’s up after Procession of Eternity: Book Two? Naturally, In Silence and Energy: Book Three, right? Not so fast.

In Silence and Energy: Book Three has thrown me for a loop: I was reading it last week and realized it’s over 100,000 words long. Over 100,000 words. That’s just unnecessary. And so, it occurred to me to split it into three different books (instead of parts, where they’re already divided) and publish them separately.

Which works because POVs and arcs and shit change in each one anyway, but…

It also frees up room for inbetweensies, i.e. novellas. I also thought I would someday publish The Soul series with novellas between to bridge gaps from book to book (time gets pretty stretched… you’ll see someday c;). I just get to visit my favorite characters and place them in new situations, wrap up their lives, shed some light on their backstories…

I’ve always been a fan of novellas that actually have important content to add to the overall series arc, so this is a perfect opportunity for me to explore that niche.

I’m excited.

Even though I now have the daunting task of splitting one book up into three (or maybe two) in a coherent, responsible way.

Wish me luck? :]



2 comments on “The future of the Soul series

  1. Maria says:

    You got this! :)


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