Review: The Vessel by Callum McLaughlin

The Vessel by Callum McLaughlinThe Vessel

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Savaged by disease and riots, the world has descended into a state of chaos. Amidst the desperate remains of humanity, the American government has resorted to extreme measures to try and repopulate their now depleted country but one unwilling subject of their ruthless actions will not suffer in silence.

Escaping from a facility at the heart of their experiments, Eva Cole’s nightmare is far from over. Hunted at every turn, she must fight to survive so that she can expose the truth.


My reading of The Vessel got interrupted a few times by ARCs and beta-reads and everything in between, it seems, but it never once left my mind – and I could never wait to return to it. I look forward to getting around to False Awakening, also by Callum McLaughlin, in the near future.

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Callum McLaughlin author of The VesselCallum McLaughlin

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Born and raised in the Scottish countryside, Callum McLaughlin works as a freelance content writer and in November 2013, published his first book, The Vessel. His next release came in October 2014 with False Awakening.

Outside of fiction, he is a keen poet and hopes to compile a collection for release sometime in 2015.

A lover of all things literature, music and nature, he takes his biggest inspiration from the world around us.

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6 comments on “Review: The Vessel by Callum McLaughlin

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it!


  2. It was a brilliant read, can’t wait to read his next one!


  3. bejamin4 says:

    Good review! I also really enjoyed reading this book.


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