NaNoWriMo 2014 Week 2 – Vlog

I’ve been doing a lot of vlogs lately. Hope y’all don’t mind – I wanna do ’em more often. So, it’s midway through NaNo, and I’ve stumbled into a bit of a thing all on my own. What to do, what to do…

How’s your NaNo14 experience goin’? Add me.



9 comments on “NaNoWriMo 2014 Week 2 – Vlog

  1. blondeusk says:

    Wow I can now watch the great Sierra on screen!!! Will watch tonight :-)


  2. So you have a novella, there’s nothing wrong with that :-) Our word counts are similar – I have just over fourteen thousand too and way behind, but I’m feeling very chi about it this year!

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  3. I’d say nearly 15,000 words is brilliant!

    You’re better off finishing your story as a novella and having it as a great rounded story, then trying to push it and fill it with fluff parts! Looking forward to reading it :)

    And another great vlog, always enjoy these :D (Your outtakes on the end are hilarious!)


    • I am certainly not a fan of writing for sheer word count. I like to be clear and concise with my writing (I used to have insane word counts back in the day!) and let the story end where it may.

      It may be a while until this one sees the light of day, but, like I mentioned (very briefly) in the video, it’s because I have other things in the works much closer to publication than this WIP is… :D

      Glad you enjoy my videos!

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  4. Love your vlog! I don’t think it’s breaking the ‘rules’ of NaNo to start or continue a different project if you finish the first one along the way. It’s not cheating when you’re still working towards the goal, right?

    “Why am I so close to the camera?” <– Love this. So funny.

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    • Glad to know I entertain. c;

      I really think you get outta NaNo what you put into it, and the important part of it is getting writers who aren’t typically completing things into the state of mind and motivated place to get something done start to maybe finish. And that’s what I take it for – I never set out to win, I just do what I can with the time that I have, as usual, and just write as I so happen to be participating in the NaNo!

      But, you know, that’s just me…

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