Review: Prophecy of Stones by Mishka Jenkins

Prophecy of Stones by Mishka JenkinsProphecy of Stones

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The bond of love can conquer all, but only if it is accepted.

Prophecy states that three champions imbued with the best virtues of the mortal race: heart, strength and soul, will be the ones to save them all from an enemy which threatens to steal the life from their world and those who live upon it.

These three, along with their scribe, his bond mate, and an overly sarcastic oracle, must set off on a journey which will take them through forest, city, swamp and mountain. On this quest they activate the magical stones which charge the only weapon powerful enough to defeat Tildar and his cult of Dwell.

Yet the closer they draw to journey’s end, the more it seems that it is not the evil which will be their downfall, but the fear of a champion unwilling to accept the bond of their destiny.

Prophecy of Stones is a tale of adventure, love and magic.


Mishka Jenkins is so far the only writer I’ve ever interviewed on the blog, but I plan to add to that number. She’s just the first! Also, her first three releases are on my TBR; there’ll be reviews for those as I get to ’em, too. :D

A note: About 80% through Prophecy of Stones, I awoke to find that one of my knucklehead ass kids knocked over a cup of apple juice onto my copy of the book. The cover and the top right corner of the pages were all sticky. So I just bought an ebook version to finish reading. And it was so worth it.

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Indie power, y’all.

Mishka JenkinsMishka Jenkins


Mishka Jenkins lives in the UK with her family and fluffy muse, a rough collie named Harliquin, who she couldn’t write without.

Mishka has a penchant for writing love stories in a variety of exciting genres, and plans to keep writing them for as long as she can type.

Think you’d someday want your own spot on Support Indie Authors? Just ask (nicely). c;

S. R. Carrillo

5 comments on “Review: Prophecy of Stones by Mishka Jenkins

  1. kdaugh1992 says:

    Definitely will have to check this out!!


  2. Thank you so much for reviewing this, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! :D Sindrin was my favourite to write, probably why he ended up being the most fun.

    And I’m really, really glad that a quote stuck out to you. It;s nice when people remember bits of my books :D Thank you so much again, I’m really appreciative.

    Also, well done on pronouncing my name! Loved the outtakes at the end!


  3. […] So instead, enjoy this awesome vlog review of Prophecy of Stones by Sierra of Permashift! […]


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