Review: Echoes by Therin Knite

Echoes by Therin KniteEchoes (Echoes #1)

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District of Columbia
United Republic of Earth


Twenty-three-year-old Adem Adamend has it rough. His name is ludicrous. His friends are few. And the only thing his “kid genius” status has gotten him at the Interdistrict Bureau of Intelligence is a boatload of extra work with no credit in sight.

Then hotshot lawyer Victor Manson is burned to death in his own back yard, and Adem finds himself using his unique skills to piece together the strangest crime he’s ever seen. Strange because the only possible suspect Adem can pin the murder on…is a mythical beast. A dragon.

Before Adem can unravel the mystery of Manson’s death, the Bureau loses jurisdiction to the secretive EDPA, an organization that investigates weird and deadly events. But Adem isn’t one for giving up, so he takes it upon himself to delve deeper into EDPA’s machinations, into the series of unfortunate events that led to Manson’s demise.

And what he finds may change the way he views the world — and himself — forever.


What do you do when a killer can hide behind his dreams?

What do you do when a murder weapon ceases to exist?

And how do you stop a villain who can conjure up nightmares and burn you from the Earth in the blink of an eye?

Adem Adamend is about to find out.


Therin Knite is one of my favorite indie authors. She’s the reason I began looking at my followers for awesome content and new blogs to subscribe to. I read and loved her latest release, Othella, and was more than happy to finally read Echoes.

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Indie power, y’all.

Therin Knite imageTherin Knite


Therin Knite is a 22-year-old recent college graduate who occasionally writes speculative fiction and has the odd delusion of literary stardom. Knite lives in a humble little place known as the Middle of Nowhere, VA, where she spends most of her days reading books and writing what may possibly qualify as books.

Knite is a graduate of the College of William and Mary and holds a BBA in Finance and English. In August 2014, Knite will begin work as an underwriting analyst at a large insurance company, where she intends to stay for the foreseeable future.

Knite, who’s been writing seriously for seven years, is an avid book reviewer, blogger, and the sort of person who spends far too much time imagining epic sci-fi battles in her head. Knite intends to publish 3 to 4 novels per year, ever year, until she runs out of ideas…which is highly unlikely, so she’ll probably be writing forever.

Finally, Therin Knite has a simple writing philosphy you may want to know before you pick up one of her books:

“50% Dark, 50% Snark” 

Think you’d someday want your own spot on Support Indie Authors? Just ask (nicely). c;

S. R. Carrillo

8 comments on “Review: Echoes by Therin Knite

  1. Therin Knite says:

    Reblogged this on Knite Writes and commented:
    Got my first ever video review for Echoes! Huge thanks to the awesome S.R. Carrillo! :)

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  2. Chris says:

    I love this review! what fun.


  3. Blimey! :D What a great and incredibly enthusiastic review! How could you not pick up the book after that?


  4. TyCobbsTeeth says:

    Thanks Permashift,
    You hade me laughing. Love your energy. Gotta say, you got me hooked. I’m gonna give this one a read.


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