It’s strange for me to host a blog tour for an author whose published work I haven’t read yet, but I’ve seen snippets and excerpts from Melissa Barker-Simpson before. Sins of the Father is sitting near the top of my TBR; of course I jumped on the opportunity to showcase her newest release, Hands of Evil.

MBS-HOEvil Kit Final

If you’re feeling frisky, here’s a little on the giveaway running in Hands of Evil‘s honor:

Contest Graphic

Click to the giveaway!

Oh, and if that’s enough, I have a nifty book trailer to show off for y’all:

Additionally, I have a couple of morsels of intrigue here, most notable of which is the first part of Interrupted – Morgan and Fairchild Flash Fiction. Part II will be hosted on Saturday with Renee Scattergood. Also there’s a character interview and biography with Susannah McElvogue. Enjoy!

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S. R. Carrillo

8 comments on “The HANDS OF EVIL Blog Tour

  1. Thanks for hosting for me today. I’m sure you can predict what I’m going to say, but I’ll say it anyway…DAY MADE :-)

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  2. Reblogged this on Melissa Barker-Simpson and commented:
    Thanks, Sierra. I really appreciate your support :-)
    I’m not sure if it’s my old, tired machine, but the links to the short story and Susannah’s biography didn’t work. So I’ve pasted them below, just in case anyone else had the same problem :-)
    I appreciate you stopping by.

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    • Kathryn Jenkins says:

      Hi Melissa I just checked out the links your talking about…Sierra had them where you click on them and they download to your computer…it was awesome :) I need to figure out how to do this…
      Oh and Sierra I love the way you formatted your post it was awesome…:) thank you for helping us out at DKC with our launch week.

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  3. Yes, I saw they were word documents, which would have been great, only my computer wouldn’t cooperate!

    And, I agree…the layout looks awesome :-)

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  4. […] I’ve got a lot of info to share with you, so I decided to do this in three parts. In part 1 I’m going to be sharing a little about Melissa and Hands of Evil, in part 2 I’ll be sharing an excerpt of her new book, and in part three I’ll be sharing part 2 of her short story Interrupted. You can read part 1 of Interrupted at S.R. Carrillo’s blog Permashift. […]


  5. […] Welcome to Part 2 of my leg of the Hands of Evil blog tour! If you haven’t already, you may want to check out Part 1 to learn more about Melissa and her new novel. In this post I’ll be sharing an excerpt from the book, then in Part 3 you’ll be able to read Interrupted Part 2, a short story written by Melissa. You can read part 1 of Interrupted here. […]


  6. […] We’ve reached the final part of my leg of the Hands of Evil blog tour. Just in case you’ve missed them, check out part 1 and learn more about Melissa and her new novel, and part 2 to read an excerpt. Also if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to read Interrupted Part 1. […]


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