Bein’ an Author vs. Bein’ a Writer insists that there is a difference between being an author and being a writer. I’m not so certain. I realize the technical difference, rooted in technicalities, that means technically you can be a writer without being an author. What the fuck ever, okay?

If you’re a writer, you’re a writer. Get this: if you’re a writer, you’re also an author. Aspiring to be An Author has stressed and strained some people I know to a senseless extent. It becomes an existential question – am I An Author even though I haven’t been published? Even some who’ve been writin’ their whole life have worried that they weren’t worthy of bein’ called An Author.

Like it’s some sort of holy fuckin’ grail.


Writer: *is now published* “I’m… suddenly… An… AUTHOR! Whereas, for some reason, I wasn’t before…? Wait. Dafuq?”

Y’all. Listen.

I write. I dunno about y’all, but I write. I’m a writer. By’s standard, since publishing my debut novel, The Soul, I’ve also become An Author, but it’s not like I’m any less (or more) of a writer just because I took the plunge.

If it’s somethin’ that you take seriously, that you work hard at, that you bring to life with your bare fuckin’ hands, it’s all you, player.

Own it.


Besides, I dunno about y’all, but I dunno when the last time is that I authed anything. Note my blog tagline: “the nonbinary bloggin’ home of indie writer S. R. Carrillo.”

P.S. Both and Wikipedia agree with me. Also, wanna know what’s inherent in the definition of “author”? Latin = auctor = writer. So, suck it,

S. R. Carrillo


13 comments on “Bein’ an Author vs. Bein’ a Writer

  1. My response to this post…LOVED IT!

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  2. Seriously though, I whole-heartedly agree and the distinction between a writer/author, or lack their of, doesn’t help against the dubious looks when you tell people you’re a ‘writer’ – like you’re not allowed to take the term if they haven’t seen your name in print! Still, I should do as you say and ‘own it’ I usually just mumble something about having written a few books and when people ask what they’re about – that’s when my inner voices screams ‘beam me up!’

    On a completely separate note, I’m still recovering from finishing The Soul, but I think I covered that in the review so I won’t drone on about it…except…hurry up with book 2 ;-)


    • It took me a long time to own it. It’s actually a recent thing, as a matter of fact. Like, since exactly one year ago, hahahha. But I love owning it so much more than being bashful about it. Being bashful about somethin’ that’s such a huge part of me for so long has been taxing omg.


  3. Call myself a writer…that should be ‘lack thereof’. I really need sleep and to stop jamming up your comment box :-)

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  4. Faith Simone says:

    Well…now do you want to tell us how you really feel? Lol, I’ll answer to writer or author or BooBoo the Fool as long as my royalties don’t stop!


  5. There is so much awesome in this post and so many times I said, ‘Yeah, you’re right!’ :D Brilliant post and so true!


  6. Maria says:

    Arrrrrg, when people try to put something in a box it irritates me. I am a writer, I love to write, it makes me feel good. Alyssa my daughter likes to write and she calls herself a writer! :) She likes to paint and calls herself a painter, a dancer because she dances, a singer because she sings and so on. We can learn alot from children. I too am learning at 30 how to own many things about myself.


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