I’m thinkin’ about integratin’ Caps Lock Thinks (my review blog) with permashift. I know, I know. I’ve been back and forth about this a million and one times. And I think I’ve been pretty concrete about the fact that permashift ain’t no book blog. And yet I have a category for “reviews” and “books.” Why’s that?

Well, I used to use permashift as a review blog.

And I kinda wanna do it again.

Because Caps Lock Thinks is really just an extension of permashift, just in a more specific aspect of my life. Which is what permashift is about – my life. All the writing parts. All the photography parts. All the space-lovin’ parts. All the Army parts. And all the opinionated reviewin’ parts, too.

i just have a lot of feelings

I wouldn’t migrate all my previous reviews over here or anything – that’d be embarrassingly tacky just because there are so many – but I’d simply start posting reviews here, instead.

And the reviews cover everything, not just books: music, movies, games, too!

Besides, if I’m supporting indie authors here by reviewing and sharing their books, why not just keep the two on the same platform? Permashift is clearly the more popular of the two, anyway.

I’m also hopin’ this move’d help to round out the image I project through this blog, switch gears up a little, gimme more to talk about (let’s face it: I’m not all that interestin’).

The more I think on it, the more I wanna do it.


I think I will…

S. R. Carrillo


7 comments on “Integration?

  1. I think you should. As someone who runs quite a few blogs, it can be exhausting keeping up with them and trying to maintain interesting and unique content on both. Why not make it easier on yourself – all posts in one place. Sounds like the answer to me :-)


  2. Rachel says:

    Do it! I think it would make things much easier for you. :)


  3. I think it’s a good idea. I’m planning on merging my two blogs, as it’s such hard work to keep two going :)

    Both blogs are great, so I don’t think it would be a problem :D


    • Sierra says:

      See? This is the problem I’m running into – ’cause I had no idea you had a second blog and many people are likewise surprised when they learn I do too. I think we should both integrate. :]


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