Paintin’ with the Family AKA Camp NaNo Procrastination (Vlog)


My husband and I are celebrating this Independence Day by gettin’ our house together. We bought some shit, hung some shit up (I was able to hang a key rack that he couldn’t figure out – wife points!) and then decided to do a little paintin’.

Since I haven’t painted anything in like 4 years (who am I kidding? Even when I was painting, it wasn’t frequently or well-done), I’m a little rusty. I went with a shitty little tree that I happen to think is adorable.

It’s not featured in the video, but I outlined a panda for my husband to paint. It’s equally as adorable as my tiny landscape – if not more so.

Also: THIS WAS THE MOST FUN VIDEO I’VE EVER MADE. Seriously, watching this thing come together was such a great feeling. I may not have attended VidCon this year, but I still wanna make good, entertaining videos for y’all (and, obviously, for myself); I’m really pleased with the result of this one. But that’s just me. :]

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S. R. Carrillo


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