New Release: Stolen Bloodline, The Queen’s Jester, Heart of the Arena by Mishka Jenkins

Today’s a good day. Mishka Jenkins of A Writer’s Life for Me released three books today. Y’all can find a more detailed post about the matter on my review blog, Caps Lock Thinks, but as for permashift, I just wanted to share the incredible news.

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Stolen Bloodline by Mishka Jenkins

Stolen Bloodline

Stolen away from her humdrum life, Imogen is thrown into a dark world where the creatures from tales are not only real, but rule the realm.


In this world of dark, moonlight is Imogen’s only source of safety, but the moon’s glow reveals a lot more than she ever realised. She soon learns her heritage and bloodline are what put her in danger, and the reason these vampires are keeping her hostage. But with a father who doesn’t even care enough to call, how was she supposed to know?

Held captive by the vampire leader, Bane, and his brother, Caden, Imogen must find a way to keep herself alive. Yet, the longer she remains, the more she wonders whether those she feared are the ones she should trust, as new truths continue to shine through.

When Bane shows Imogen that life in a world of dark can be more enlightening than her own sunlit realm, it seems that, though he may have stolen her from home, she risks him stealing her heart as well.

The Queen's Jester by Mishka JenkinsThe Queen’s Jester

An exquisite wedding gift. A husband whom she loves. A Jester who she craves. A Kingdom in peril.

After receiving a beautiful emerald amulet at the celebrations of her wedding, new Queen Marie finds solace in the stunning, yet strange amulet. A warm comfort that fills the hole that her husband has left with his distance at her every affectionate touch.

That is until the new Jester arrives, his presence fuelling in Marie an instant burning need.

The more she finds herself drawn to the enigmatic man, the quicker she realises he is anything but the fool.

Marie must make a choice, one that could not only affect her marriage and her life…

But her entire Kingdom.

Heart of the Arena by Mishka JenkinsHeart of the Arena

Ancient Rome is a dangerous place, in more ways than one.

Captured by slavers, distraught but determined Sabina is thrust into the world of gladiators. Disguised as a man, she struggles to remain undetected whilst navigating through her new life.

But love forces its way into her focus again and when a haunting figure from her past remerges, the couple’s fate is to be decided in the Heart of the Arena.

There’s plenty more where this came from – if you’re an indie author and you just released a book, I’m happy to help support and spread the word. Just email me or visit my contact page. In the words of Callum McLaughlin, we’re in this together. Nothing would hearten me more than to one day see a whole slew of Support Indie Author features here on this blog.

S. R. Carrillo

8 comments on “New Release: Stolen Bloodline, The Queen’s Jester, Heart of the Arena by Mishka Jenkins

  1. A great time for Mishka – I’m very much looking forward to checking out these books, as well as yours I must say. It’s great to see a fellow author helping out another, so good on you! :)


  2. Harliqueen says:

    I’ve definitely got my happy dance on now! :D

    Thank you so much for putting up a post about my release, I am so appreciative of the support you’ve given!

    I admire your writing and your blog so much, so having you put up a post about my stuff is just amazing, and it has really made my day. Thank you :)


  3. This is awesome! I can’t wait to read these!


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