Check out that funky number! Never thought I’d see the day I had 100 followers, much less 300!

I know I started this blog hoping to scream into a void, but it’s kinda nice that the void now has a few ears, at the least.

An excuse for my sparse updating routine: I’m hard at work at revising my sequel to The Soul, Procession of Eternity. It’s actually coming along quite nicely. Needs some serious third-draft revision, but I’ll get around to it.

I’m so excited for what’s ahead.

Until I can get anything of substance up, check out the synopsis reveal for my latest project? ;]

S. R. Carrillo


24 comments on “333 Followers

  1. sjoycarlson says:

    I’m about there too!!


  2. Harliqueen says:

    Congrats! You have a great blog, won’t be long until you’re celebrating a 1000 followers :D


  3. Jay Dee says:

    Nice. I just reached 333, too! I’m now at 336.


  4. booknerderie says:

    Woohoo!!!! Congrats :D


  5. Congrats on the 333 followers, a very odd number but awesome nonetheless!


  6. Congratulations Sierra. I also just broke into 300


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