I’m a camper.


No, not that kinda camper. (For that matter, I suck at first-person shooters.) I mean the novel-writin’ kind. I’m officially a member of Camp NaNo, username permashift (did you suspect anything else?).

My goal was gonna be like 1,000 words, but it appears that you can’t have a goal less than 10k – so that’s exactly what I made it: 10,000 words.

Mostly, I gave in because I needed some kinda motivation to progress my revision of Procession of Eternity, sequel to my debut novel, The Soul. I’ve only revised one chapter – the first chapter – in a little over a month, I think. The draft of it that I have on-hand is so ugly, I may as well be writing from scratch, so it’s been grueling. I often tweet my frustrations.

I was also pressured into it just a tiny bit. ;]

Anyway, here’s my link: permashift.

(I don’t know what the point is since it seems like you can’t add friends? Hmmm…)

S. R. Carrillo


4 comments on “I’m a camper.

  1. I wish you could add friends in camp nano. In November nano you can add writing buddies and I really that because I like to see how my friends are doing. When I fall behind, it also motivates me to catch up. If you sign up for that one as well or have an account already, here is a link to my profile http://nanowrimo.org/participants/hayleyknighten


  2. Harliqueen says:

    Good for you for doing it! I think it is a great way to gain motivation, and 10k is an achievable goal, good luck with it :)


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