My Novel is in My Hands!

The Soul IRL

My excited face is too much for one photo to handle.


I just had a really long, really sweaty day, and I was NOT expectin’ to come home to a sexy print copy of my debut novel, The Soul

But that’s exactly what happened. And it’s the wildest thing. Please don’t mind the selfie. Like I said, long, sweaty day at work. I don’t even care, though – mostly because I’M HOLDING MY VERY OWN NOVEL IN MY FUCKIN’ HAND.

It’s surreal.

This baby’s goin’ on my bookshelf with my other books.

I can’t wait until I can expand on its row. I’m workin’ on the sequel, Procession of Eternity (new working title), but who knows when it’ll be ready? (It’s kickin’ my ass – may as well be writing the whole thing from scratch.)

Then again, I have other stuff in the works… ;]

You can get your very own sexy ass print copy through Amazon or directly off CreateSpace (Barnes & Noble is slower gettin’ it listed…). /shameless.

S. R. Carrillo

15 comments on “My Novel is in My Hands!

  1. littlediva96 says:

    Congratulations. It is epic feeling, I imagine. :)



  2. Jay Dee says:

    Nice! Must feel great to have it in your hands.


  3. Harliqueen says:

    What a great feeling, I can imagine it must be up there in your list of greatest moments :D


  4. iamccsmith says:

    Congratulations, that’s awesome!!


  5. Congratulations! I’m jealous :)


  6. That must feel amazing. I am so excited for you and I look forward to reading this soon! I just added it to my Amazon wishlist and my Goodreads TBR.


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