Warrior Leader Course – photos

K well I’m pretty sure I made it apparent that for about a month, there, I was indisposed to everything ever that didn’t have to do with this military schoolin’ I was goin’ through called WLC. It’s over now, though, and I graduated last Friday (still super excited about that!).

Since then I’ve been on a short vacation home in Houston (I head back home tomorrow – meow!), but I wanted to share these pictures that were taken of my class over the course of the… course.

All photos pulled from the schoolhouse’s website.




In-processing to the schoolhouse. This was our introduction to the course.

WLC Counseling

I am on the right.

WLC Classroom

WLC Classroom

The first week of school was pretty mellow once we got into the swing of things.

WLC Oral Brief



WLC Formation

Weeks two and three focused more on training. Pictured: practicing marching drills and presenting oral history briefs.

WLC Land Nav

We also had to find four points in only a couple of hours. In this:

WLC Land Nav

With more mountains. And forests. And rocks. And freezing wind.

And then the last week focused on field exercises, which basically means we’re eatin’ and sleepin’ in tents and training all day long.




I’m right behind the “N.”

Then came the ever-so-craved graduation shortly after for those of us who had earned our place among the graduates.

WLC Graduation

WLC Graduation

I’m there, middle row second to last person near the wall.

WLC Graduation

So, in short, it’s over now, and I have (most of) my time back. I may post some pictures of vacation (I participated in St. Patty’s festivities for the first time, I think, ever this year), but I’ll save that for after I make the drive back to Oklahoma.

Funny thing: I specifically set the release of my first book, The Soul, for the day after I graduated WLC. :D

S. R. Carrillo


2 comments on “Warrior Leader Course – photos

  1. Harliqueen says:

    Wow, looks strict and intense!


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