I am Now a Goodreads Author!

I’m keeping it simple these days, aren’t I? Look no further than the title to figure out exactly what I’m posting about! No shame in my game. Anyway, I’m excited to share the news I received in an email today that welcomed me into the Goodreads Author Program.

Which not only means that I now have the ability to promote my book through Goodreads using giveaways and lots of other things, but my profile now looks like this:


And how cool is that?! It’s an incredible moment for me! Like realizing that everything is truly coming together. I have a long way to go, but I have also come a long way, and that means the world to me.

Here’s to more years of doing it alone, and doing it well.

Here’s the synopsis for The Soul. If you’re interested, maybe you’d like to add it to your Goodreads shelf.

Evil has flourished since the beginning of time, but at long last it has come to pass—that the world should end at the hands of the divine. A Lesser Earth thrives in the ashes of the old world.

As does an unnamed lost boy, the abandoned effigy of evil, who wanders the globe without a clue and without a purpose.

The Last Angel Ero’s only task is to find this boy and raise him into the arms of Grace. He doesn’t expect to question that purpose—and he certainly doesn’t expect to find an affinity with the evil inside the boy he names Sol.

It’s only when Ero begins to explore new truths that he realizes just what having faith in Sol may cost him: his life, his love and his soul.

Until the next milestone,

S. R. Carrillo

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