Release Date for The Soul has been SET!


I finally set a release date!

It’s just as the title says, folks! I geared it down to a single date on which to release my very first published book, The Soul!

Ever since I decided to have The Soul published by the end of the year, it’s pretty much slipped my mind that I actually need to set a specific date for it to release. Well, with every step closer that I came to having a finished product, I began to really feel the need to hop on it.

Last night, with a little help from my husband, I set the date. Drum roll anyone?

[ March 15th, 2014! ]

That’s right, March 15, The Soul will be available for purchase on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOK! Until then, I really have to focus on this military school I’m attending, but, also, I’ll be releasing the cover for The Soul, right here on permashift and at my official website,

Please be on the lookout for them both.

Here’s the synopsis for The Soul:

Evil has flourished since the beginning of time, but at long last it has come to pass—that the world should end at the hands of the divine. A Lesser Earth thrives in the ashes of the old world.

As does an unnamed lost boy, the abandoned effigy of evil, who wanders the globe without a clue and without a purpose.

The Last Angel Ero’s only task is to find this boy and raise him into the arms of Grace. He doesn’t expect to question that purpose—and he certainly doesn’t expect to find an affinity with the evil inside the boy he names Sol.

It’s only when Ero begins to explore new truths that he realizes just what having faith in Sol may cost him: his life, his love and his soul.

Until the next,

S. R. Carrillo

4 comments on “Release Date for The Soul has been SET!

  1. Congratulations lovely! So excited for you.


  2. Harliqueen says:

    Congrats on getting a date down!


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