Houston, we have a problem.

By “Houston, we have a problem,” I mean “I have a problem.”

I’ve always been a pack rat. I seem to have inherited this quality from my mother. And so, it only seems natural that I “compulsively hoard” books (since, you know, I’m a writer). But it’s gotten bad lately.

I’m not a big fan of Kindles or ebooks or any of that nonsense. I kinda just take it all in stride, but I love my forest-dependent old-fashioned got-it-from-Barnes & Noble hardback or paperback books.

However, I live in Germany. There is no Barnes & Noble here. Most of my books, I order off Amazon.com and pay like $3.99 to have them sent to me.

Problem is, even without the 4-dollar surcharge, some books, especially new books, are really expensive–or, alternatively, really hard to have shipped to me (for any number of reasons).

And then I discovered there was a FREE Kindle-for-your-PC app AND a FREE Kindle-for-your-iPhone app. At first I just used it for my own books–The SoulProcession of Infinity and Abhinc Inferno–so I could see what they’d possibly look like in ebook format (I was considering that publishing route for awhile) and so I could read them away from my computer.

Then I started noticing people were selling books for free.

Then for cheap.

Then for under 5 bucks.


So thanks to my addiction to really cheap ebooks, I’ve adapted my pack rat tendencies to my reading habits, too: In between print books, like for a few minutes during work or at night when it’s too dark to read but I can’t sleep, I’ll whip out my “Kindle” and have an ebook on standby to read.

That’s not so bad, you say?

I have roundabout 60 of them waiting to be read.


  • I changed up the look of permashift a little. My “about page” can be found here (or the Writing & Reading tab near the header).
  • I’ve launched my editorial services page for ANYONE who’d like their manuscripts edited (for free!). Check out the page. :] I have all the details listed there!
  • Books I have read and reviewed recently (a new addition to permashift):
    Death Alarm by Douglas R. Brown, a three-short story horror collection, my review here.
    Sykosa by Justin Ordoñez, a contemporary mature young adult novel, my review here.
    Paradox – The Angels are Here by
    Patti Roberts, a young adult paranormal (angels) novel, my review here.
    Spiritus by
    Dana Michelle Burnett, a black fucking hole/blatant Twilight ripoff/paranormal (ghosts) romance novel, my review here.
    The Last Victim by
    Jason Moss, a serial killer-obsessed memoir, my review here.

Readers one and readers all are more than welcome to add me on Goodreads, recommend books, debate opinions on books, whatever-the-hell!

S. R. Carrillo


2 comments on “Houston, we have a problem.

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  2. Ashley says:

    “And so, it only seems natural that I “compulsively hoard” books (since, you know, I’m a writer). But it’s gotten bad lately.”

    ^^^ I have that same problem! My family is always saying “Why don’t you just get books from the library?” My eyes widen and I just think, “But I must *OWN* them!!”

    It really sucks that you don’t have any good bookstores available to you though. I actually order most of my books on Amazon anyway, but only because the shipping prices aren’t too bad for me. So it usually works out cheaper to buy them on Amazon than in store. But I guess if you have to pay $3.99 for shipping every time, that wouldn’t be the case!


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