Meet my brain.


CAPSLOCK wants out. Like, really, really out. So out it goes. I’m givin him free reign. Here. Mostly because it’ll be easy access while I’m at work (forgive me, Bill Gates; but God bless the iPhone) and, well, it was either this or blogspot. “WordPress” has a more “I’m a writer. Damnit.” feel to the name. Or maybe I’m just a dork. I gotta get it out sometime… don’t I? I suppose this’ll be how since I’m not some kid walkin around my high school with giant 150-page college-ruled notebooks and a pocket fulla pens no more.

I kinda like this. It’s like talkin to a wall. A wall that no one else really knows about. So I’m crazy, but no one knows it. I’ll preface the insanity with this: I’ve been feedin the wrong demon.

I been readin all these books lately tryin to get my motivation back. Back in high school, I’d get the most ragin boner–or massive attack of fury–from readin the right book that I’d put it down and get to my own work, and I been tryin to do that lately with titles such as The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins), The Reapers are the Angels (Alden Bell), even an e-read called Soul Thief (Mark Edward Hall) because they seemed like they’d more closely dovetail with the subjects of the Soul series I have in the works. However, none of ’em seemed to do the trick.

Then, outta nowhere, a coupla hours ago as a matter of fact, I remembered a book called Dead Boys (Richard Calder), and my Amazon Cart gained some weight. It reminded me of my own title, You Laugh Louder Than The Kingdom, that I have heartlessly abandoned over and over for years now. And it’s time I show it some love. With reads like Neuromancer (William Gibson) and Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card) on my horizon, it’s put a pep in my step!

…It’s bedtime.

S. R. Carrillo


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